places and names of family tree
(different spelling: Schmied, Schmitt, Schmid)
My father's ancestors are rooted in the area of the so-called Frankonian Switzerland around Pottenstein (Trägweis). They were craftsmen and farmers. They are documented in parochial registers back to the 17th century. Than they went to neighbouring Northern Upper Palatinate where you find today the training area Grafenwöhr. The villages Haag, Bergfried, Pappenberg, etc. are not existing anymore. In the Middle Ages there was an important iron mining industry and this explains the family name (smith).
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Baier Auerbach
Bötzl Falkenau/Pilsen
Cole New Brighton, PA, USA
Ertl Kirchenthumbach
Grau Haag, Grafenwöhr
Grillmeier Neualbenreuth, Ulrichsgrün
Hammer Görglas
Heindl Kindlas
Hero Luhe-Wildenau
Heß Waidach
Kohl Högling
Kraml Pappenberg
Kunz Satteles
Lindner Schönhaid/Wiesau, Münchenreuth
Luber Sorghof
Metzner Höhenberg
Orlowski Baden, PA, USA
Padezanin Sjienica, Serbia
Paulus Kotzmanns
Paulus Dorfgänlas
Schertl Pappenberg
Schiller Kotzmanns
Schiml Schönhaid/Wiesau
Schmidt Trägweis, Auerbach, Bergfried
Schreglmann Penzenreuth, Herrmanshof, Pappenberg
Serdl Pappenberg
Siegmann Hellziechen
Suttner Schindlhof
Trummer Dorfgänlas
Wittmann Weiden
Ziegler Hermannshof

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(different spelling: Grillmayr, Grillmaier, Grillmayer, Grillmeyer)

The Grillmeiers are the family of my mother and come from the area around Eger (today Cheb in the Czech Republic). See the Czech names of the villages in the German text. I can trace them back to the 17th century. These ancestors were mostly farmers. There existed a so-called Frais rule. This meant that the jurisdiction around Neualbenreuth changed annually between the Waldsassen monastery (later part of the Kingdom of Bavaria) and the free imperial city of Eger (later in the Kingdom of Bohemia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire). This also meant that my ancestors constantly married across the borders. One emigrated in the 18th century to Australia and changed during WW I his name into Andersen.

Frais: Look at German page: Links - Veröffentlichungen - Wikipedia - Frais and at the Czech publication:

Altenöder Dormitz, Säuerlingshammer, Neualbenreuth
Andersen Brighton/Australia
Bäuml Oberschön
Bauer Altmugl
Biedermann Hatzenreuth
Bittner Neualbenreuth
Böhlmann Oberschön
Bötzl Falkenau/Pilsen
Döllinger Querenbach, Altkinsberg
Fischer Maiersreuth, Gosel
Fleischmann Altfürstenhütte
Frank Neualbenreuth, Altalbenreuth
Frank Ulrichsgrün
Fritsch Maiersreuth, Motzersreuth
Geyer Dormitz
Glassl Eger, Taubrath
Gradl Ulrichsgrün
Grillmeier Ulrichsgrün
Güntner Neualbenreuth
Hausner Neustadt/Waldnaab
John Matzelbach
Keil Hardeck
Köstler Neualbenreuth, Taubrath
Lettner Zirkenreuth
Lindner Pfudermühle/Waldsassen
Lindner Schönhaid/Wiesau, Mitterteich, Münchenreuth, Schönkirch
Lippert Neualbenreuth, 'Wondred
Löw Hardeck, Neualbenreuth
Mayer Honnersdorf, Dölitz
Müller Altalbenreuth, Neualbenreuth, Maiersreuth
Ott Taubrath, Hatzenreuth. Matzelbach, Neualbenreuth
Platzer Neualbenreuth, Platzermühle
Ploner, Plonner Ulrichsgrün
Rupprecht Neualbenreuth
Rustler Neualbenreuth
Samer Treunitz
Sölch Querenbach
Scharnagl Querenbach, Ulrichsgrün, Neualbenreuth
Schicker Neualbenreuth
Schiml Schönhaid/Wiesau
Schmidkunz Neualbenreuth
Schmidt Trägweis, Auerbach, Bergfried
Schnurer/Schnurrer Habertsmühle
Schöner Schachten
Steinbrückner Neualbenreuth
Stingl Treunitz, Oberschön
Stritzl Schachten
Uhl Unterlosau
Ulrich Neualbenreuth
Waidhas, Weidhas Neualbenreuth, Altalbenreuth
Weber Boden
Wilson Whyalla/Australia
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